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WISE Research Trip at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City

2022 Salt Lake City Family History Library Research Trip September 25-October 2
Organized by Wales. Ireland. Scotland. England.
Family History Society

WISE-FHS has a long history of organizing group research trips to Salt Lake City to do on-site research at the Family History Library. Our Coordinators have booked a block of rooms at the amazing rate of $95 ($105 for deluxe rooms) at the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel at Temple Square.*

This is a per room, per night rate (taxes and parking are not included). Each room has; two queen beds, refrigerator, microwave, & coffee/tea maker

General Information
Generally, the deluxe rooms face downtown and standard rooms face the Family History Library. Snacks are available in the hotel and restaurants are a short walk. You may choose to book a room for yourself, or arrange for a roommate to share the cost of the room.

Travel to/from SLC is the responsibility of each individual.

Do you want to share a room?
➢ If you already have a roommate please have one person make the reservation and share that information with your roommate. Let your coordinator know your name and your roommate’s name.
➢ Those seeking a roommate can let their coordinator know and may be able to be matched with someone who is compatible.

➢ Columbine Gen. Society = Ann Lisa Pearson
➢ Larimer County Gen. Society = Jean Poland
➢ WISE-FHS = Sylvia Tracy-Doolos

*Reservations must be made by phone with Richard Williams of the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel. Contact Richard at 801-606-2410 between 9-5 (MST) Monday-Friday with your payment information and mention ”Columbine.”

Click here to view more information for the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel.

Can’t Get to Sleep? Skip the Melatonin.

I’ve been using genealogy research as a sleep aid for years. Our genes have a big impact on our sleep patterns at any age, but as we get older, we may find it much more difficult to fall asleep. Experts tell us to turn off our electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime, but with a blue-light filter on a small laptop or iPad, you might find it easier to drift off to dreamland with visions of ancestors dancing in your head.

When you tuck into your bedtime research, avoid complex projects. Choose research activities that are simple but time-consuming, such as labeling your Ancestry DNA matches with custom group colors. (Turn on the Ancestry beta functionality.) Or look for general information on parishes, counties or religious groups. Bedtime is also a great time to pore through records that are not indexed or to read fascinating stories in online history books.

The downside of doing your research at night is that you might end up repeating some of your work. It’s easy to forget what you’ve done, and if you’re like me, you don’t want to fiddle with a checklist when your back is against a pillow. I like to take screenshots on my iPad as a way of documenting my research journey, and later, after a good night’s sleep, I write a few notes.

Here’s an example of my work from last night:

  • I labeled several of my “blue” Smith family DNA matches on
  • I looked through a few church records that were not indexed.
  • I located some historical information on Irish settlements in Derry, Pennsylvania. (Tonight I’ll actually read the online document. Last night, I had to stop because my eyes were starting to close.)

Sweet dreams!