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Who We Are

If you or any of your ancestors came from the British Isles, you’ll find many others with the same background among our membership. We love the genealogy as well as the culture of those four small but significant countries that have made a mighty contribution to America.

The W.I.S.E. Family History Society (WISE-FHS) was established in 1983 to motivate and assist family history researchers with ancestors who came from the British Isles, and to illuminate their culture and history.

WISE-FHS is a not-for-profit society. Its members are interested in genealogy and family history and benefit from a social environment that encourages an atmosphere of shared knowledge.  Among its scheduled activities, it sponsors research seminars and trips, culturally based social events and outings, as well as providing volunteers to support activities at annual festivals.

Our membership includes many knowledgeable people who are enthusiastic about British and Irish research and history. They are willing to offer guidance to others in their pursuit of locating ancestors. We maintain a Member’s Surnames of Interest database, where members can connect with others working on the same surnames. You might meet a cousin, or other relative.

WISE-FHS does not maintain a store to sell merchandise, nor does it have office space. And, it does not offer professional genealogy lookup or research services.

WISE-FHS officers and board members are all volunteers, whose compensation and motivation is derived from the knowledge that their efforts are contributing to the preservation of our family histories and heritage.

The Denver Public Library (DPL) Western History and Genealogy Department has supported WISE-FHS since our founding. DPL provides our meeting space, specialized research materials and some professional research guidance. In turn, WISE-FHS maintains a DPL resource fund to purchase books and periodicals for the library’s genealogical collection.


The mission of the W.I.S.E. Family History Society (WISE-FHS) is to promote interest and education in genealogy and family history as they pertain to the British Isles.

Points of Pride

We consider our monthly programs and our W.I.S.E. Words Newsletter the principal products and responsibilities of our society. These are the ways we serve our members as well as the wider genealogy community. We take pride in the originality, energy and resourcefulness that go into each.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is comprised of four elected officers, specifically the: president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. They are supported by appointed committee chairs, who are also directors and de facto members of the board. Committee chairs assist in transacting the official business of the Society, including but not limited to, the management of established programs and activities. Our directors are all volunteers who contribute their time and talents for the benefit of our Society and its membership. View the Board of Directors page.

W.I.S.E. Family History Society P.O. Box 100551, Denver, CO 80250