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Book Donations

Our society has what can reasonably be described as a symbiotic relationship with the Western History and Genealogy Department in the Denver Public Library (DPL). We benefit from that relationship through the library’s generosity in providing us with a place to hold our society’s monthly membership meetings. In turn, we purchase books relating to family history and genealogy using an annually budgeted portion of the dues paid by our members for their membership. Those books are then donated to the DPL for inclusion in their genealogy/family history library.

Our book donation program has existed, for the most part, as an unheralded community minded project that has not been afforded the recognition it deserves. We currently designate $3,000 from our annual budget every year towards the purchase of books for donation to the DPL. In 2016 we spent $1,772 on book purchases, with the majority of book titles and their genre being selected by the DPL’s veteran genealogy specialist, James Jeffrey.

This project clearly meets the intent of our mission, “… to promote interest and education in genealogy and family history as the pertain to the British Isles.” Thus, it’s important that we give it the recognition it deserves. To that end, we have created this page and provided the following table listing the books we have purchased and donated, beginning with 2016.

W.I.S.E. Family History Society P.O. Box 100551, Denver, CO 80250