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W.I.S.E. Words Author Guidelines

Submission deadlines

January 15
April 15
July 15
October 15

Publication dates

February 15
May 15
August 15
November 15

(The editor reserves the right to publish a day or two earlier or later.)


Articles should relate to the W.I.S.E. countries of Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and/or England in some way. We will consider, for example, research articles, memoirs, book reviews, recipes, and items of historical interest.

Article Length and Format

1. Your submission should not be more than 20 pages. Most people submit two or three pages, single-spaced.

2. The editor reserves the right to break up longer articles into multiple articles.

3. Please submit your article in the MS Word format (.doc or .docx).


1. Please attach images separately from your Word document in a JPEG (at least 300 dpi) or PNG format.

2. Indicate in your Word document where your pictures should be placed.

3. Provide a caption and citation for every image. Avoid using copyrighted images you do not own. You may use images in the public domain, from Wikimedia Creative Commons, or from your personal collections. Screenshots may be appropriate, depending on the source.


1. Cite information that a reader could potentially question. Cite in Modern Language Association (MLA) style. Here is a helpful link: Feel free to use the citation generator on this link, labeled “Cite Your Source Automatically.”

2. Be sure to use quotation marks when you copy text from another source.

3. When you paraphrase, be sure to make your words distinctly different from the source. Here is another helpful link:

Errors and Omissions

W.I.S.E. Words is not responsible for errors and omissions in submitted and published articles. Authors should carefully research and cite matters of fact. The editor may or may not fact-check an author’s assertions. The editor may ask authors to cite facts that lack citations.


If you would like to republish an article that has appeared in an issue of W.I.S.E. Words, please contact the editor at so we can be aware that the article is will appear in another publication, and cite the original W.I.S.E. Words publication this way:

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2023 issue of the quarterly publication of W.I.S.E. Family History Society, W.I.S.E. Words,  

The editor and board reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason.


If all or part of article submitted to W.I.S.E. Words has appeared in another publication at any time, the author must provide this information:

   the name of the publication, date, volume, issue, URL, and contact information.

Provide any additional information that will help the W.I.S.E. Words editor reach out to the other publication for permission to republish.

Happy writing!

W.I.S.E. Family History Society P.O. Box 100551, Denver, CO 80250