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Our Heritage and Identity

A person’s family, both past and present, provides the foundation on which that person’s identity is built. Without that foundation, it’s conceivable that a person’s entire identity will never be truly revealed. In a modern family, one’s identity is defined more by individual achievement, than by the genetic and societal influence of his or her ancestors.

In the 19th century family history research, of which genealogy is a component, was almost exclusively of interest to persons who had obtained their wealth or high social status by inheritance. Whereas, the less fortunate were more likely to suppress their family history as a result of embarrassment or shame.

Modern families, through changes in social values and beliefs, and economic necessity, bear little resemblance to families in the early to mid-19th century. No longer, do we maintain the strong family ties of old. No longer, do we enter every birth, marriage or death in the family Bible. We are so busy being consumed by the pace of our daily lives that we rarely take a moment to look into the shadows of our past. Take the time to ask yourself,  “Who are those people in the faded brown photographs in that dusty old box in the attic, and how are they related to me?”

This is your opportunity to take a step towards capturing your family history before it fades into oblivion. You’re invited to join us at one of our scheduled meetings or activities, to see what we have to offer as a family research society.  Together, we can help you discover your heritage and to recognize the contribution your ancestors made towards your identity and to the identity of our nation as a whole.

Author: Allan Turner

W.I.S.E. Family History Society P.O. Box 100551, Denver, CO 80250