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Members’ Surnames of Interest (MSI)

What is the Members’ Surnames of Interest (MSI) list?

Our members contribute to a database of surnames that they are either researching or have an interest in. If you have a surname of interest that you’re researching and would like it included in the database, please submit your names according to the MSI Instruction Sheet. This offers an opportunity for our members to compare family surname research efforts. You can view our current surname listings by selecting the “MSI Research List” below.

VIDEO on using the MSI list can be found here.

What is on the MSI list and how should I use it?

There are currently more than 600 WISE member surnames on the list, including spelling variations, multiple locations, and multiple dates. Don’t just look at the list and think to yourself, “The names I’m looking for aren’t there!” If you’re a member, submit your names so that other members can identify names of mutual interest and be able to contact you.

I’m a WISE member. How do I connect with the member who posted the surname?

Any member who has information or interest relating to another member’s surname may contact that member directly and possibly collaborate (or at least commiserate) with respect to their research. Even in such a relatively small family history society such as ours, two or more members may be working on the same surname, within or near the same locality of origin. The greater the number of names listed, the greater the chance of finding a surname of mutual interest. If you would like to connect with the WISE member who posted surname information, reach out to Sandra Keifer-Roberts, our temporary MSI committee chair, by email ( Be sure to include the MSI ID(s) from the list as well as the surname(s).

How do I update my surname information or request that a surname be removed from the list? 

Just email and provide the updated/removal information.

I’m a visitor (not a WISE member). How do I connect with the member who posted the surname? 

When you find a surname on the list that is of interest to you, please contact Sandra Keifer-Roberts, our temporary MSI committee chair, by email (, or at the next W.I.S.E. membership meeting. She will be pleased to assist you in obtaining the contact information for the person researching the surname you’re interested in. Please include the required information, including the Member I.D.# from the MSI table above. You may include the surname(s) you are interested in, or other appropriate information. 

The MSI list can be found here: MSI SURNAME LIST (PDF FORMAT)

I’m a WISE member. How do I add my name(s) to the MSI list? 

Only WISE members may add surnames to the list. WISE members may download, fill out and submit the Excel form via email or in person at the next WISE meeting. Email the MSI Committee Chair (

MS Excel Spreadsheet

In addition to the surnames, the following information is also collected on the “Members’ Surnames of Interest” form:
1. Any other names associated with the surname, such as given name(s)
2. The general period of time during which the surname is of interest; e.g., 16th C, 1740-1800, etc.
3. The city, town, and/or townland in which the surname is to be found
4. The county or shire of the search (Note: Please identify using the Chapman codes)
5. The country of the search
NEW! 6. Any additional information, including stories, questions, GED Match ID, etc.

Please include the Chapman code, if possible. The Chapman code list below is provided for your convenience.

Chapman Code List

Questions? Email us at

W.I.S.E. Family History Society P.O. Box 100551, Denver, CO 80250