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Member Signup

Our website now provides visitors with ability to signup online to apply for WISE-FHS membership. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email directing you to another page on our website to enter your contact information, etc.

Once your application for membership is approved, the membership chair will contact you to arrange payment of your membership dues. This can be handled by mail, or by making payment in person at a scheduled membership meeting. In either case, your payment should include a copy of the email you received when you signed up. We are hoping that we will soon be able to offer the convenience of making your dues payment online, but we’re not there yet.

Record Integrity

Unfortunately, in providing an open access portal to sign up as a new, or returning member, there are some unscrupulous individuals who would take this opportunity to abuse it by posting bogus requests for membership. Their signing up does not give them access to individual membership records other than their own. The veracity of questionable request for membership will be established before the request is approved. In those cases where it is obvious that it is a bogus request, the offending record will be deleted immediately.

Take the Leap

So, don’t think about it! If you have a genuine interest in family history/genealogy research, with an emphasis on the British Isles, throw caution to the wind and take this opportunity to signup to become the newest member of our WISE-FHS family.

Member Signup
Thank You

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